• Joe Hartley

    I’m against “amnety”, too!

  • Sue

    amnety: 1+3+1+1+1+4=11 points, not a reel whiner unlez the m and the y are on doble & tirple, than where tawking!

  • Bob

    u r scrambled if u think that’s a legul scrabble wurd. but then, some like 2 make up words all the time in scrabble!

  • Pacs

    I think it’s great. I HONK FOR ENGLISH. After all this is America isn’t it? Or should it be “HONK FOR SPANISH”…now that sounds more like America these days.

  • dj

    On occasion, we have recognized the cultural diversity of America. For example, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidlago, which ended the mexican-American War, guaranteed school children the right to be educated in Spanish if they chose. You can say that’s wrong, but our government signed it.

    OTOH, at times a treaty signed by the U.S. isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Just ask some of our Native American tribes. Or the Californios who, in spite of a treaty clause guaranteeing their land rights, had their land taken from them without compensation by the incoming gringos.