A microcosm of the Democratic Party

a) Dumb and dumber

This Tuesday is the primary election for California. The two Democratic candidates for governor have, through spectacularly stupid tactics and by demonstrating almost total rudderlessness, botched things so badly that Schwarzenegger, who was once left for road kill, is now in the lead. Such mindnumbing incompetence is symptomatic of the Democratic Party in general. Given an almost assured victory, they’ve managed to screw it up. But then, when you have nothing to say to voters except banalities and avoid taking actual stands on issues, that’s to be expected.

Steve Lopez gets it right in the LA Times

California’s Democratic primary for governor, in particular, is an affair so sleazy and vicious it would inspire revolt, except that no one is paying attention.

b) actual dissent emerges

Yet, there is now actual dissent within that party. Three Democratic candidates for the House in California are running an extraordinary joint radio ad campaign on major stations calling for the impeachment of Bush.

We are Marcy Winograd (D-CA), 36th C.D., and Charles Coleman, Jr. (D-CA), 28th C.D. and Bob McCloskey (D-CA), 29th C.D. We are candidates for the U.S. House, and founders of the Impeach Team. But we’re not just waiting to get elected, we are standing up for you right now.

Please join us in
calling for the IMMEDIATE impeachment of both president George W. Bush and vice-president Dick Cheney. What is this talk about waiting until November? Why are our current representatives not demanding immediate accountability? Every day that passes brings revelations of more egregious abuses of power and more outrageous lies told to the American people. To find out more about the other things we are standing strong for, please visit our web sites, Marcy Winograd, Charles Coleman, Jr. and Bob McCloskey.

Wow, real, hardcore, anti-war, impeach Bush Democrats. Good. Were the corrupt, asleep at the wheel mainstream of the party to do the same, victory in November would be assured.

Watch Winograd’s campaign. She’s running against the odious Jane Harman, who votes with Republicans more often than not, thinks invasions and erosion of civil liberties are just peachy, and never met a pork barrel project for her district she didn’t like.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Winograd is polling well. Some sources say the race is even. Harman has refused to debate Winograd (a fellow Democrat) while Winograd, in a major coup, has gotten the endorsement of the West L.A. Democratic Club. The primary is this Tuesday.

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