L.A. restaurant: Cafe Carolina

Chef Giuseppe Dossi, formerly of Il Fornaio in Manhattan Beach CA and Prego in Beverly Hills CA is committed to great food made with passion.

To the extent possible, we serve organic products in an earth-friendly facility. We wish you buon apetito.

Cafe Carolina, is a small, friendly restaurant specializing in northern Italian cuisine, with lots of family recipes, a constantly changing menu, and wondrously good food.

Try the Ravioli Cremaschi, an “authentic regional raviola stuffed with a sweet filling of amaretti, raisins, citron and parmesan cheese, served in a sage-rosemary brown butter sauce.” Yum, and not a dish you’ll find elsewhere.

Every so often they have a “feast.” Last time, it was on St. Anthony’s birthday and was a seven course vegetarian dinner like might have been served the 16 century in Italy, and a memorable meal it was.

The atmosphere is warm. Isabella waits the tables while Giusseppe is in the kitchen. Yes, it’s just him doing the cooking. A renowned chef prepares amazing food in an atmosphere akin to having dinner with good friends.

17934 Ventura Blvd., Encino CA
$20-25 per person. (No alcohol BYOW. No corkage.)

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  1. finally triedit and think it’s terrific. looking forward to going back again and again

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