Wedge workers needed

Senate Republicans were divided Thursday voting on the immigration bill — 23 voted for and 32 voted against it.

Until now, the GOP has been united between the corporate wing and the social conservatives, said Ross K. Baker, a Rutgers University political scientist. Now, Republicans are divided between the group that wants the cheap labor and those overwhelmed by the rising tide of immigrants, he said.

Lefties: Let’s turn this new Republican divide into the Grand Canyon.

Here’s another stress fracture to exploit –

Constitutional clash could lead to resignations

As Congress and the Bush administration argued publicly last week over the extraordinary raid of a congressman’s office, a high-stakes dispute simmered behind the scenes — top Justice Department officials indicated they’d resign if ordered to turn over documents seized in the search.

The wheels are falling off the once well-organized and disciplined Republican machine. Let’s help the process along. Not that Democrats are much better, hey, they’ve enthusiastically backed the wars and destruction of constitutional rights too. However the more body blows the crumbling neocon machine receives, the better. Their inevitable and soon-to-come collapse will be a victory for the people.