…And the horse you rode in on, Democrats!

This is not exactly news, but the national Democratic Party is one big stinking dead horse. If they could muster only 15 votes against a man who has overseen the most extensive and intrusive violation of privacy in American history (although “outright rape” is a better term for what the Bush gang has done to Americans’ constitutional and human rights), then what in God’s name are they good for?

Begging for money while pretending to be an opposition? Hmm, the Democrats are rudderless while the Republicans are fracturing into squabbling factions. This is the time for a third party to emerge.

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  1. And, as someone else pointed out, it can’t be even be put down to “political expediency”, i.e., that they’re afraid the “public” will turn them out of office as “weak on security” if they voted against Hayden (or whatever other bad thing they’ve done that Democratic supporters are trying to excuse). Dianne Feinstein, for example, has one of the safest seats in Congress, yet she has no problem actively supporting someone like Hayden.

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