Enron Logo contest revisited

Enron logo contest winner

In Jan 2002, Viridian Design, an online movement about global warming, had a contest to create a new, more fitting logo for the then catering and collapsing Enron. The above was the winning entry.

When companies merge, or change names, or even re-org, a logo redesign is very often job one. But when companies *croak* in a grotesque welter of scandal and bankruptcy, nobody does a thing about the logo! *Dead* companies don’t even *get* new logos.

However, we Viridians, with our wise “Embrace Decay” principle, can see through this serious organizational shortcoming in contemporary capitalism! And if anybody needs a new logo right now, it’s Enron.

First prize was ‘one hundred shares of Enron stock!’ which at the time was worth, as I recall, about 50 cents a share. Now Kenny Boy, one of Dubya’s earliest financial backers, is going to prison, and Dubya is quite silent about it all, isn’t he?