Greens setting the agenda

Greens stir state and federal elections debate in a sea of red and blue

Pasadena, CA

For perhaps the first time in local political history, a third
party with candidates in races for Congress and the state Assembly appears to be setting the political debate, which this campaign season has taken on a decidedly anti-war character.

In the race for the 29th Congressional District, three-time incumbent Adam Schiff (D-Pasadena) faces an array of candidates, including the Green Party’s Bill Paparian, who feel betrayed by his pro-war and often pro-Bush administration record.

Paparian is also supporting the two Green candidates in the Assembly race, along with the proposed Assembly Joint Resolution 39, which calls on Congress to immediately begin impeachment proceedings against President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

And it is the Greens, with the help of candidates like McCloskey in the congressional race and the four Democratic contenders in the Assembly race, who are successfully driving the discussion about California’s role in Iraq,

If local Greens got funding and support from the state and county Green Party, they could accomplish much more. However, such assistance doesn’t exist (and never has.) Even with that, local Greens are doing an amazing job this year of organizing for candidates and getting the antiwar message out there.

Other Green candidates in the L.A. area.

Byron De Lear, Congress, 28th

California Assembly, 44th (this is a friendly rivalry, they say vote for either one.)
Philip Koebel

Ricardo Costel

Bill Paparian is a former member of the Pasadena City Council, served as mayor, and thus has the highest name recognition of any of the candidates.

(Full disclosure: I designed Bill Paparian’s website and received a modest amount for doing so.)