Immigrant Rights and November

I doubt Congress will come to any agreement on immigrant rights before the November elections. The soon-to-be-passed Senate bill will have to be resolved with the nasty Sensenbrenner bill from the House, and this will be contentious in the extreme.

(Hey, what is it with Wisconsin, home of both Joe McCarthy and now Sensenbrenner? Their next door neighbor Minnesota has a long socialist history too while Wisconsin appears to hatch right wing extremists. Update: There’s always been seriously progressive politicians there too, as has been pointed out in the comments. My apologies, Wisconsin!)

My take, Republicans don’t want an immigration bill to pass until after the election. That way they can mobilize the hardcore Right to vote. The Democrats will bravely do nothing and duck the issue as much as possible while mouthing platitudes, but you knew that already!

That’s why hoping the Democrats will somehow do the right thing is, well, delusionary. They’ll do the right thing when forced to by the people. Not before.


  1. Wisconsin also boasts Russ Feingold.

  2. Good point. Must be an interesting state come election time… Of course you could say the same about California to come to think of it, what with Senator Boxer the liberal and hard right neocon members of the House.

  3. Don’t forget Bob LaFollette who was a very progressive congressman, governor and senator.

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