Minutemen counter-protest

The Minutemen managed a feeble march today in downtown L.A. on the same route taken by the historic immigrant rights marches of March 25 and May 1. Those marches drew several hundred thousand each, maybe a million. The Minutemen could only bring 100 or so, which speaks volumes, doesn’t it? Plus, there were more of us counter-protesters than they were of them.

Minutemen counter protest They pretend to be a mass movement yet their pathetic turnout eloquently demonstrates they are not.

We of ANSWER L.A. followed them the entire march with our shopping cart sound system. It has speakers on poles, runs off a car battery, and can really crank out the volume. I was pushing it. Several people in other groups said to me, you ANSWER people really know how to organize for an event like this.

When they got to the rally spot, we set up across the street, and succeeded in distracting them to the point they couldn’t have their rally.

The Minutemen, despite their recent attempt at cleaning up their image, are racist to the core, allied with extreme right elements, and need to be challenged whenever they crawl out from under their rock. Every time they’ve tried something in southern California, there’s been more of us than them, and today was no exception.

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