Why is this not murder?

U.S. Mexico border near San Diego, Thursday

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents began following a black SUV after a citizen reported seeing the vehicle pick up suspected illegal immigrants near the U.S. side of the border, police said.

As traffic backed up near the border, the vehicle stopped on the shoulder. When agents approached, the suspect began to drive off, said police Lt. Kevin Rooney. Two agents then opened fire.

According to the article, the driver clearly was not threatening any lives. So why was he killed?

From CounterPunch

“This is the calm before the storm; they’re going to make it tough,” Professor Armando Navarro had told LA’s La Opinion. “They’re talking about raids, deportations. In every barrio we have to organize migrant defense committees, and get ready for civil disobedience.”


  1. What are you talking about?! Raids, deportations, etc are to be expected when
    living in a country unlawfully. Migrant defense communities? That’s lunacy.
    What is “civil disobedience”? Violence? You are doing your cause no good at all,
    and are only giving everyone a bad name. Americans are angry, and you are only
    exacerbating the problem.

  2. Daniel Rivera-Franqui

    If the person didn’t really present any real danger (i.e. he had a huge bomb in his car or had actually taken the immigrants hostage), the police should’ve had aimed at the tires. Easiest way to disable the car.

  3. Fastkick,

    I think the people who will be doing the raids are going to be US citizens.
    Do you remember the raids in California when the Rodney King incident happen.
    LAPD are racist and we all know it, even if they are hispanic.

  4. To All:

    The shooting described above was within deadly
    force use guidelines. The officers were unsure if
    the driver intended to run them over. Consequently,
    they are allowed to defend themselves.

    I am Hispanic and a Peace Officer. I’ve met few
    racists in law enforcement. There is no pleasure
    in shooting someone. It is the worst day of one’s

    I advocate legal immigration for many reasons. One of
    of the great disadvantages of unlawful immigration
    is that the immigrants know little of American
    history or laws.

    The driver of the vehicle above was a coyote. BUT
    small-time human smugglers are rarely prosecuted.
    All he had to do was surrender. He would be alive

    “Racism” is not the issue in unlawful immigration.
    I see the word being used in an incorrect context.
    This is part of the ignorance of many immigrants.
    I have been exposed to true racism. Most Americans
    are friendly and accepting people; however, they
    distrust law-breakers of any ethnicity.

  5. The officer’s lives were not in danger and no others lives were being threatened. Not did they know he was a coyote at that time.

    As for racists not being in law enforcement. Two words. Stacey Koon.

  6. Bob:

    You are not paying attn. A vehicle is a deadly weapon. The man got himself
    killed. He ran because he was a coyote. He would have been deported is all.

    There are racists in law enforcement, but not many. There are a few jerks in
    ANY occupation.

    Officers don’t like criminals. Don’t be one, and you will have no problems
    with them.

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