Protest the Minutemen in L.A. Sunday

anti-Minutemen protest

Sunday, May 21, 11 am
Gather at Olympic and Broadway, LA


This Sunday, join pro-immigrant organizations, including the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, at a counter demonstration against the racist, anti-immigrant Minuteman Project. Minutemen members and supporters will be marching through downtown Los Angeles that day in a so-called “Civil Rights” march. The Minuteman Project is an organization that opposes immigrants and undocumented workers. Dubbing their hateful action a march for “Civil Rights” is an outright lie. Their true aim is to prevent immigrants from gaining the Civil Rights they deserve.

This is the same march route as the historic immigrant rights marches of March 25 and May1, both of which drew multiple hundreds of thousands. Doubtless the Minutemen will only draw a miniscule fraction of that. Still, it’s important to be there as counter-protestors to help unmask these Klan-like bigots so people see who they actually are.