US spells out plan to bomb Iran

The main plan calls for a rolling, five-day bombing campaign against 400 key targets in Iran, including 24 nuclear-related sites, 14 military airfields and radar installations, and Revolutionary Guard headquarters.

The alternative to an all-out campaign is a demonstration strike against one or two high-profile targets such as the Natanz uranium enrichment facility or the hexafluoride gas plant at Isfahan.

Hey, I have another alternative. No attack. No war. Stop making up lies to use as justification for invading countries. It didn’t work in Afghanistan or Iraq, and it sure won’t work in Iran, a country that can fight back. That such an insane plan might destabilize the entire Middle East and make the U.S. an even worse pariah nation that it is now appears not to matter to Dubya or the pretend opposition in D.C.

Imperialism is an ugly thing, isn’t it?


  1. We live with imperialism, we call it democracy, a strange demacracy that doesn’t listen to the people. When will the people link hands across borders and topple this ugly edifice that can only be described as man’s darkest hour?

  2. Not to mention that an attack on Iran will most likely heighten insecurity, raise oil prices (not only Iran will cut supply, Venezuela will too) therefore raising prices at the pump and raise profits for Big Oil. A declaration of war on Iran might just as well be printed on Exxon stationary.

    Whether these words were really spoken by Mussolini or not, nevertheless they are as true today as ever: “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.”

  3. Why does the resentment concerning the attack on Iran seem to always consider the price of oil first and the effect on our economy second? Surely the anger should be at an imperialist power attacking civilian population for corportae gain.Think of the slaughter of innocents, children, women, and the old, think of the deprivation that will be heaped on the heads of all those innocent Iranians, think of our dead soldiers, all working class youngsters being killed while killing working class people of Iran, for what? It almost seems that if it doesn’t push the price of oil up and doesn’t harm our economy then its ok. The price of oil should not even be in the equation, it is a matter of human suffering and corporate greed.

  4. “The price of oil should not even be in the equation”

    Except that oil is the primary constituency of the sitting president. The goal seems to be: keep the price of oil high enough to make huge profits, but not high enough that people will actually change their habits and seek an alternative energy source. After all, who benefits from Iraq’s oil being offline? Texas oilmen.

    From an accounting standpoint, this is brilliant. From a spiritual standpoint, it’s hard to imagine anything colder and less humane.

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