Bush’s immigration talk

He was forced to give the talk, wasn’t he? He had to specifically say he didn’t favor amnesty. This is because millions of people have been in the streets these past few months marching for immigrant rights.

The neocons thought the Sensenbrenner Bill was a slam-dunk. They got it smashed in their faces instead. Now they and the pretend opposition of the Democratic Party favors a “guest worker” program which will create three tiers of immigrants, all with no rights, all subject to be sent back at any time. Oh yeah, that’ll sure be workable. Fair and equitable too. Some of you, we’ll send back immediately, others can work for a predetermined number of years, then be sent back. All under strict monitoring. These will be pliable, scared employees who won’t dare, say, join a union.

At least corporate America gets one thing. Without immigrants, the economy will slam to a halt. However their solution is a new set of laws that will codify the exploitation of immigrants.

Those marching in the streets aren’t chanting “we want a guest worker program”, they’re chanting “amnistia.” The people are way ahead of the ‘leaders’ on immigration rights. The leaders are baffled and scared by this, the hugest outpouring of protest in decades. The marches have already been bigger than anything in the civil rights and Vietnam War eras, and the movement is only two months old.

A past client of mine lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. He has a bank account in a U.S. bank in Maine. I asked, so what’s the border security like? He laughed, it’s a country road, there is no security. So why isn’t Dubya militarizing the border there? The racist implications are obvious.

Dubya sure likes to militarize, doesn’t he? That’s his solution to everything. Send in the troops. Git tough. But their bullshit macho approach hasn’t worked in Afghanistan and Iraq, has it? In fact, it’s backfired.

And it will backfire at the Mexico border too.


  1. God help us, that is all I have to say. I watched president Bush, I agreed
    with some of his comments. I do think that the guest worker program its just
    a way to monitor them and when the three years are up they will have the option
    of renewing it but of course they will have crazy off the wall predeterminations, they will
    have to QUALIFY. I know alot of people will have mixed emotions about this
    Guest Worker Program. I know I do.

  2. But after a certain number of years, anyone on the guest worker program is sent back, no appeal.

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