Immigrant Rights and the Minutemen

Goodness, the Minutemen have undergone quite a media makeover, haven’t they? Gone is the overt racism and extreme right wing public stance. Now their statements are carefully polished and manicured. Why on first glance you might think they actually cared about the health and welfare of those crossing over into the US.

Well of course they don’t. Dig a little and it’s clear they are just another in a long and sick line of U.S. nativist organizations that loathe and fear anyone different from them.

Their fresh-scrubbed new persona is just that, a persona. The neocons know they could get hosed in the November elections. Thus, they need to get the hard Right foaming at the mouth about something so they’ll vote in November. Immigrant Rights (and gays) will be their targets. The Minuteman could prove useful here, but not as who they really are – hence this cleansing spritzer to make them appear reasonable and normal.

The Democrats have deluded themselves into thinking the November elections will be a big victory for them so all they need to do is nothing and let the Republicans skewer themselves. Given such a brain-dead ‘strategy’, Democrats may skewer themselves instead.

People said the KKK in their heyday was just a bunch of trash from the countryside. Not really. They had friends and supporters in powerful places. Ditto for the Minutemen. That’s why they must be opposed whenever and wherever they appear.