Tech blogs of note

Here’s a list of some excellent tech blogs that focus on the Net, blogging, and what it all means. Most are written by uber-geeks who know the landscape well, and indeed, may have helped create it. If something new and important is happening on the Net, chances are you’ll read about it first in one of these blogs.

This list is not comprehensive! All the blogs here are well-written, highly informative, and link to cutting-edge stuff you’ll not find elsewhere.

The blogroll on my tech blog lists all of them plus many more, if you’re interested.

Robert Scoble is “technology evangelist” for Microsoft. He gets paid to blog, has considerable latitude in what he says, and yes, sometimes criticizes his employer. There’s plenty of insight and intelligence here, great links too.

Dave’s WordPress blog
Dave Winer has played a major role in the creation of blogs, RSS, and podcasting. He’s “controversial” and can be brilliant as well as infuriating, sometimes at the same time.

Chris Pirillo
Chris “I never sleep” Pirillo and fiance Ponzi are the organizers of uber-geekfest Gnomedex. They have a gaggle of other sites. This is Chris’ personal blog where he talks tech and whatever. (He also has a sense of humor.)

Jeff Barr’s blog
Jeff is “Web Services Evangelist” for Amazon. Amazing links.

Doc Searls
One of the four authors of The Cluetrain Manifesto, Linux guru, long-time writer, much more.

Om Malik
“About the next generation Internet”

Lorelle on WordPress
This gem of a blog has a wealth of information here on how to blog, focusing on WordPress, but applicable to any blog platform. Lorelle is passionate about blogging, explaining tech issues clearly and understandably.

“Steve Rubel explores how social software is transforming marketing, media and public relations.”

New Media Musing
“Charting the rise of open, democratic, grassroots media” from JD Lasica, author of “Darknet“, founder of

“Tracking Web 2.0”

“Stop here for a Web 2.0 reality check”


  1. wow, I am so impressed with myself to be in such an awesome crowd! Can I quote you?

    Thanks and there are some really amazing blogs listed. You also reminded me that there are some friends I haven’t stopped in to visit in a while, fellow bloggers who are changing the blogging world around us. Thanks for the reminder.

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