Share your OPML

Check out Dave Winer’s new way to Share Your OPML feeds. Just launched, it looks to be a great way to store, share, and search RSS feeds. Lots more features will be added soon. Tech Crunch has details, so do Dave and Scoble.

If you read blogs in an RSS reader, then you can probably export your feeds with one click to an OPML file and upload them to Share Your OPML with another click.

(For some of you, that last sentence sounded like a space alien trying to communicate to you, didn’t it? Meanwhile, others of you are already uploading the OPML. Such is technology…)

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  1. At least this is not alienspeak for me… but truly sadly, I recently formatted my PC and forgot to back up my OPML… I believe I’ve never ever done a full format without me forgetting to backup at least one thing.

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