May 1 boycott actions

Listing of over 100 events in 60+ cities.

Chicago: Immigration march could draw 300,000 people

Los Angeles. Marches to cause gridlock

California schools
. Will they empty for May 1 protest?

Las Vegas. Casinos fear boycott will cripple Strip

San Diego
. Thousands expected

Orlando. Boycott, and human chain

And many, many more.

Politicians are dumbfounded by this. Millions are in the streets demanding equality and respect. D.C., much as they’d like to, can no longer evade the issue, as it has become front page nationwide. They can’t control it either. It didn’t come from manipulations by lobbyists, think tanks, and Congress, it wasn’t planned by them as another PR media hype. Instead, it roared out of the grassroots, from, by, and for the people.

Mainstream media is mostly clueless too. They’re looking at it from the outside. As well as doing their usual job of trying to create splits in the movement. They don’t understand it. It’s the birth of a new civil rights movement. That’s what we’re seeing. This is no transitory event.

The liberal and progressive blogosphere is mostly missing in action again. Just like they’ve been for the antiwar movement. Too busy faxing their Congresscritters and trying to raise the dead corpse of the Democratic Party, I guess.

Meanwhile, millions of immigrants and their supporters just showed them what to do. People in the streets. The immigrant rights movement, in just 2 months, has forced Congress to heed them. Now that’s real political power.

May 1 should be quite extraordinary.


  1. I couldn’t agree with you more when it comes to the blogosphere wasting their time in trying to raise the corpse of the Democratic party. When I first discovered the blogs about 9 months ago I thought that it was orientated towards independent thought and change from the grassroots level. To some extent it is but it seems to be growing into just another extension of the old guard political process which makes no sense to me.

  2. Also, many liberal blogs are becoming, often quite willingly, de facto fund-raisers for the Democratic Party, rather then seeing how that party is most often part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    And everyone should check out Samuel’s blogs!

  3. Bob,

    Hello, my friend. Tomorrow will be spectacular. I wish I could join you in LAbut I will be participating in events locally. I look forward to hearing how the events in LA go. I’m hoping the schools will be empty and the streets will be filled. Si se puede!

    dave buccola

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