Wit and wisdom from the right-wing

Excerpts from comments to posts here about May 1. (you never saw these comments because I deleted them.)

You are all ignorant puppets. — Nacho Sanchez

Nacho goes on to explains it’s all because of those commies at ANSWER. Ah, no. As most of you know, I’m in ANSWER, and while even those who loathe us will admit we are skilled organizers, nope, ain’t no way we could have mobilized the several million who have marched these past few weeks. What happened was a genuine grassroots upsurge. Deal with it, Nacho, and here’s a clue, lots of people in ANSWER are Latino and/or immigrants too. ANSWER is but one of dozens of groups and coalitions nationwide helping to build for May 1.

You Mexicans sure have big egos. — Proud 2b American

Asking to be treated as human beings, why that’s just darned uppity of them, isn’t it?

There is no way that a bunch of uneducated and illiterate peasants from rural Mexico could possibly organize this coordinated protest. — Sad American

Some undocumented workers might well speak three languages (their indigeneous language, Spanish, and English.) How many do you speak, Mr. Sad? P.S. Your rampant racism is showing. You should try harder next time to pretend you aren’t a bigot.

Note to bozos: If I delete your right-wing comment, sending it again multiple times, complete with insults, will not cause me to relent. Also, there are multiple ways to configure things so your comments are deleted before the moderation process, causing your deathless prose to go screaming into the void, unread by anyone.

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  1. Sad, but every corrupt system that exploits the ordinary people seems to find some supporters among the workers. However when the people move as one, no system every devised can stop them.

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