Political blogs I’m reading

Not meant to be inclusive!

Another Day in the Empire
Interesting views on the Middle East and the neocons. Impassioned but tends towards extreme gloom. Makes me want to scream, join an group and start organizing, you’ll feel better.

Hard-hitting leftie blog from Britain. Started the “I’ll print the al-Jazeera memo” memo. It’s not a typo when they spell his name “Bliar.”

The Blue Voice
This one’s getting lots of notice lately. Progressive news and views from multiple bloggers.

Craig Murray
Ex-British ambassador to Uzbekistan who resigned after exposing British/US policy of sending prisoners there to be tortured for information.

Global Voices Online
Aggregates blog content from dozens of countries and assembles it in an easy to use fashion. Listen to what the world is saying.

L.A. Voice
Community blog in and about L.A. Fun to read, tilts leftward, covers all aspects of life in L.A.

Left I on the News
Exposes the deceptions and lies of government and mainstream media. Often uncovers stuff no one else noticed.

Life of Riley
Dave Riley from Australia, long time leftie organizer, blogs and podcasts about socialism, leftie politics, and more.

Nether World

A fellow traveler to BlairWatch. Hey, things are coming off the wheels for the government in the UK too, as blogged here.


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