The coming Iran War, pt. 2

A country that fears small, distant countries to such an extent that it utilizes military in place of diplomatic means is not a superpower. The entire world knows that the US is not a superpower when its entire available military force is tied down by a small lightly armed insurgency drawn from a Sunni population of a mere 5 million people.

Neoconservatives think the US is a superpower because of its military weapons and nuclear missiles. However, as the Iraqi resistance has demonstrated, America’s superior military firepower is not enough to prevail in fourth generation warfare. The Bush regime has reached this conclusion itself, which is why it increasing speaks of attacking Iran with nuclear weapons.

The US is the only country to have used nuclear weapons against an opponent. If six decades after nuking Japan the US again resorts to the use of nuclear weapons, it will establish itself as a pariah, war criminal state under the control of insane people. Any sympathy that might still exist for the US would immediately disappear, and the world would unite against America.

A country against which the world is united is not a superpower.

Paul Craig Roberts. Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. Former Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Contributing Editor of National Review.

Why is no one in Congress saying this? Will they again sit back, do nothing, and allow another war to begin? The consequences of attacking Iran will be a global conflagration, yet in D.C., both parties are doing nothing to stop it from happening. This is amorality of the worst kind. At least the neocons tell you where they stand, unlike the Democrats, who mouth platitudes about peace, then vote for war.

The people can stop the Iran war. Congress can not and will not.


  1. Why is Iran in a rush to enrich?…

    Iran is working on a way to enrich nuclear fuel which would allow for making bombs much quicker then estimated….

  2. I believe Iran is in a rush to build Nuclear Power plants which exist in many countries. Predsident Bush is insane.

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