Day Without a Gringo

The meme spreads – frontpage LA Times, on the spread of the May 1 boycott to Mexico and Latin America.

In Ciudad Juarez, across the border from El Paso, the Chamber of Commerce announced that its 5,000 members would neither buy nor sell U.S. products that day. And leaders of a Chihuahua state peasant group said they planned to block the bridges that link Ciudad Juarez and El Paso.

In Guatemala, activists who work with Maya Indians are planning to use community radio stations to spread word of the boycott to rural areas.

A commenter here last week said email was circulating Costa Rica about May 1 too.

What’s most amazing about all this, the historic March 25 march in L.A., and now the May 1 boycott, is that it’s coming straight out of the grassroots. Yes, there are organizers, but even they are stunned by the size of this emerging immigrant rights movement. While the chattering classes and Netizens look for guidance from D.C., workers across the country, Latino and non-Latino, undocumented as well as citizen, have marched in the streets by the literal millions. You bet it’s gotten the attention of D.C. And it’s come from the working class.