1. Just thought I’d share a link for those of us looking for ways raise some awareness.

    I recently came across Josh Ritter, a fantastic singer-songwriter. His new song is called “girl in the war” and is available on his website for free.


    It’s a very poignant and all around great song. Enjoy!

  2. Hello,
    I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your site and to ask you to contribute to this project I have started. You know what feeling helpless can do to a person. It makes you tongue tied and awkward and eager to walk away from things you can’t help or can’t do anything about.

    That’s how I feel about the war in Iraq. It’s how a lot of people feel.

    My friend says protesting seems as useless as voting, and that until 2008 we are putting our heads in the sand and trying to block it all out. In reality it’s an acquired ability to ignore the war. This is a weight on our shoulders, a burden we bear daily, silently. We read the headlines, we sigh, and we sip our coffee and try not to notice too much. Because we feel helpless–because we feel our hands are tied.

    We walk away because we can. Well, not everyone gets that opportunity. Some of us don’t have that choice. That is the reason I made this map. A collaborative memorial to all the families, friends, mothers, sons, daughters, and loved ones of the soldiers still fighting and the civilians still suffering.

    They live a day-to-day existence of war with which I have no experience. I gathered up these voices, photographs, and letters to add to this map in tribute to and in recognition of a war I know little about. A war with which many people are all too familiar.

    I am asking you to add to the map. Together we can put faces to this war. Together we can remind everyone that it’s still going on. Add your tributes, add your videos, add your photographs of your families and your loved ones fighting abroad. Lets make a statement loud enough for people to stop turning their heads away.


    To add to this map, follow these steps
    1. Register for a free Platial account. You’ll have to confirm your email by clicking on a link that will be sent to you. Then you can log in and add to the map.
    2. Go to the “We’re Still at War” map.
    3. Click “Add a Place.” You will first pinpoint your location. You don’t have to be super precise. A city is close enough.
    4. Once you have found your spot, click “next.”
    5. Here is where you add your contribution. You can insert video into the description. Give your entry a title. You can add pictures from your computer or from your website.
    6. When you’re finished, click “finish”

    Now your Place is included in the map.

    Thank you,



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