May 1 Boycott, L.A.

There are now three protests planned for May 1 in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles- Port of Los Angeles
La Collectiva del Troqueros del Puerto
“12,000 Troqueros working the Port and local rails will shut down and congregate at Banning Park. Solidarity from most other Ports in the nation expected.”

More, including news this may now include L.A. taxi drivers too.

12 noon, Olympic & Broadway
March about 1.5 miles to City Hall
Protest initiated by March 25 Coalition

3 pm, MacArthur Park
March about 4.1 miles to … The La Brea Tar Pits. (I am not making this up.)
Protest initiated, IMO, by those who don’t really want a protest. Note the starting time, some wouldn’t even have to skip work to make it. What are they thinking? Why march 4.1 miles, a long march indeed, to the Tar Pits, a place where dinosaurs saber-toothed tigers got trapped in seeping asphalt 25,000 years ago. What is the symbolism of this, pray tell? Plus it’s not even on a subway line, so all those people will either have to carpool or take notoriously slow LA buses back. Assuming the drivers haven’t walked out, that is.

The Olympic & Broadway march will be the biggest march, and the organizers have endorsed the boycott. That’s the one I’m going to.

ANSWER LA is helping to build for May 1, the phones are ringing off the hook, and we’ve gotten out probably 70,000 flyers. People have been taking them by the thousands to hand out in their communities, a sure sign indeed that the buzz on this is huge.

Of all the protests in L.A., the port shutdown may well be the most significant and get the most attention.