Nepal’s King orders Parliament reinstated

His order, coming just hours before the biggest ever demonstration might mollify the more moderate members of the seven-party opposition, but unquestionably won’t stop the Maoists.

If he dissolved parliament once, he’s capable of doing it again. It’s better if he’s not in power at all. After all, he only did this after 18 days of protests – protests in which his troops shot protestors – and on the eve of a massive demonstration.
From The Hindu

But as with all offers made by the Nepalese King so far, the revival of Parliament is unlikely to offer anything other than a very temporary respite for an increasingly beleaguered monarchy.

It’s interesting that most reports say the seven-party coalition consults frequently with the Maoists, who, I think, hold the real power in the country, as well as controlling 80% of the countryside.[tags]Nepal[/tags]