1. You’re getting off cheap! Don’t come north! [Of course it depends on brand, but MOST stations here are now over $3]

  2. We’ve got self-serve $3/gallon regular here in Seattle today.

  3. It went up about 15 cents a gallon in 2-3 days here…

  4. Well, you should come here last night to learn how to convert your diesel engine to run on waste veggie oil:

  5. Sue has a VW diesel, and we’d like to find a source for veggie oil.

    My Prius stills get 45 mpg in LA

  6. […] That’s the price at a nearby gas station here in L.A as of last night. It was 2.97 on Thursday. That’s a 12 cent rise in two days. In a Bloomberg News survey of oil experts, 23 of 42 analysts, traders and brokers polled – or 55 percent – said prices will increase even more next week. […]

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