Soltero mother wants school official removed

The mother of Anthony Soltero on Friday demanded that the De Anza Middle School assistant principal she claims threatened her son with jail time be kept away from children.

Louise Corales dropped off a letter at the office of Ontario-Montclair School District Superintendent Sharon McGehee requesting that Assistant Principal Gene Bennett be removed or transferred from his position until an investigation is completed.

In her letter (PDF) she says the Vice Principal carries handcuffs to cuff students, that another student attempted suicide after being threatened by him, and that he made the threats to Anthony in front of other students.

Let’s hope he did make the threats in front of witnesses, and that they testify to this. His threats had no legal basis, in fact school code specifically says organizing such walkouts is legal. This sick sadist needs to be fired then indicted.

Link via PetsOnCrack