More school officials who need firing

As students from neighboring secondary schools walked out of class recently to protest immigration legislation, one Inglewood [California] elementary school imposed a lockdown so severe that some students were barred from using the restroom. Instead, they used buckets placed in classroom corners or behind teachers’ desks.

Appalled by the school’s action, Worthington Elementary School parents have complained to the school board and plan to attend another board meeting next week.

Schools aren’t prisons. Officials who make them into prisons need to be fired. Making elementray school students pee in buckets because students elsewhere are walking out is bordering on deranged.


  1. That is so wrong. I know no teacher
    or polition would ever urinate infront of a group of
    students or infront of a boardroom. Why then have they
    allowed our teachers to treat are children like that?
    Someone need to get FIRED this is America no child
    should ever have to go throw an embrassedment like that.

  2. How stupid is that! If my child attended that school, I would pull them out and seek legal action ASAP! Then again … I do believe that children should be at school and walking out only makes things harder on our children in school. School matters should be dealt with by adults, if issues are not resolved then parents should take a day off from work, pick their children up from school and protest until the board gives in.

    Regardless, that school board needs a lesson in fair treatment. I say take a bucket to their offices and ban them from using the bathroom!!!

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