1. the poster speaks for it self.

  2. That is the TRUTH right there. Question! Is it only the borders in the south that are the most talked about? Why haven’t we heard anything from the Canadian borders?? Is it because they are white skinned?
    Please someone explain to me.

  3. I see… 100 years ago US took Mexican land… and this fully justifies the the invasion of the US from then until forever… freely break the laws of the country, take American jobs, get free American-paid medical care and education, demand Mexican racial-based entitlements and priviledges (while condeming white Americans as racist), demand that Americans speak Spanish, promote hatred of the American flag and ideals, and promote the Mexican nation, yet enjoy the ultimate freedom and civil rights of the most free country in the world…

    …and then continuously insult and disrespect every American who is paying for ALL of your bills, including the wages you earn to pay them… that about cover it?

    Boy, I can’t wait until the US is completely Mexican so we can enjoy TRUE freedom, safety, security and prosperity… just like MEXICO…

    • I hate to ruin a good argument wth facts, but in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (which ended the Mexican-American War) the U.S. guaranteed the choice to be educated in Spanish.

      • And as a child growing up on reservations and military bases across the 1960s Southwest I received bi-lingual public education as well as mandatory instruction in Spanish as a second language. That I learned Arcadian French, Choctaw/Seminole`and a little bit of Apache at my grandmothers’ knees is moot.

        Roberto, I’m the wrong guy to jack up on this, ’cause if you’ve got even a spit of white blood in you I’m gonna’ want to see your green card. The white-eyes didn’t steal the borderlands ~ and California ~ as that which was stolen from the First Americans, they won it a war. That it was an unjustified war of aggression that shouldn’t have been fought (sound familiar) is moot.

        Just where is this “invasion”? I don’t see it. Oh, wait, there have been Mexicans on the Oregon High Desert since before there was an “Oregon” high desert, high desert where even the indigenous foragers found no good reason to go.

        I suppose you clean your own pool.

  4. we bought that land. learn your history.

  5. He spelled ‘Texas’ wrong?

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