Immigrant Rights March

Photos taken in Los Angeles, May 10. Cardinal Mahoney was the first speaker. The Catholic Church is onboard with immigrant rights in L.A. Not only are Latinos their base. the Sensenbrenner Bill would criminalize much of what priests and nuns do, as it outlaws giving aid to the undocumented.

I checked Yahoo News on my cell phone during the rally. There were protests in 140+ cities in 38 states. Organizers estimated the D.C. march at 500,000, with Phoenix being 200,000.

This movement grows amazingly and incredibly every day.

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  1. […] He spoke at the May 10 immigrant rights rally in LA. His first sentence was “If you are carrying a flag that is not the American flag, we ask that you roll it up.” The rest of his speech was like that; distant, remote, and cold. He seemed scarely a Man of God offering aid to those who might need it, rather he was a grumpy politician, ordering people to do as he demanded, dimly aware that his base had gotten away from him. Organizers of this march, and the Church was a major player, wanted it to be a silent vigil march with no placards and no flags that were not American. […]

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