People hate Exxon

The March to Redeem the Soul of America began, fittingly, at the headquarters of ExxonMobil, war profiteer and evil greedhead.

The march will continue for 120 miles, ending in Crawford, Texas on April 13.

Bruce Sterling, sf author and futurist, heads Viridian Design, a net-based movement concerned about global warming. He’s usually mostly non-political. Times are changing. Radicalization is happening everywhere. As a Viridian member since Day One, I was startled by his comments on the march (from Viridian Design newsletter #463, currently on the home page)

It’s not too surprising that these proletarian lefties and inveterate peaceniks should attack Exxon, for (by my modest count there) war profiteering, racism, overcrowded jails, civil liberties, human rights, HIV, hepatitis, mental illness, combat fatalities, the Pentagon’s budget, the need for prosthetics, pollution, environmental illnesses, foreign adventurism and buying Congress wholesale.

But wait till it starts dawning on conservatives and rich people that climate-change is Exxon’s biggest product, and that climate disruption is causing horrific economic damageԚ  to their own pocketbooks. Somebody somewhere is gonna go down hard for that. There really isn’t a better candidate for scapegoating and deliberate public punishment than the people of Exxon.Ԛ  And they’re sure not gonna lack for fingerpointing.Ԛ  They’re all over the world, and all over the world people hate them.

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