Immigration activists call for nationwide boycott

Immigrant advocates called Tuesday for a nationwide boycott of jobs and schools on May 1, even as senators appeared stymied in their efforts to finish the immigration bill that’s provoking controversy.

Good. No bill is better than a bad bill. The Senate version is bad while the House version is evil. I hope they deadlock completely. Then maybe a fair bil can then be passed.

The proposed “Great American Boycott of 2006” is being organized by some of the same activists who rallied an estimated half a million demonstrators in Los Angeles on March 25. Now, in a bid to show nationwide clout, they want immigrants and supporters to avoid work, school, buying and selling on May 1.

“We realize that we have been absent from the political debate in Washington, although we are the voices of those most affected by the legislation,” Juan Jose Gutierrez, director of Latino Movement USA, said at a Washington news conference.

The nationwide boycott is also being organized through the ANSWER Coalition.

The first ANSWER initiativeԚ  is detailed in the post preceding this, More coming.