World Water Forum rejects water privatization

Third World countries, led by Bolivia and social organizations, have ratified their rejection of the privatization of water at the 4th World Water Forum, underway in Mexico City.

Spokespeople from these sectors voiced their opposition to the intention of developed nations and international organizations to exclude the human right to water from the meeting’s final declaration.

Water is so basic and so important that it needs to be protected from predatory capitalism, like the World Bank, who forces water privatization as a condition for loans to developing countries. Inevitably, water then becomes more expensive and the quality drops. The people in that country suffer as the money gets shipped elsewhere.

Increasingly fresh water is becoming inaccessible

By the year 2025, many estimate that two-thirds of the world’s population could be facing severe water scarcity problems, which has disastrous, if not apocalyptic, implications for both humans and the environment. Even today, one billion people throughout the world lack access to clean drinking water, and approximately 2.6 billion are left without adequate sanitation, a fatal situation which has lead to the death of 2.2 millions victims annually.