Costa Mesa rally

The Costa Mesa demo was between 1,000-2,500, quite a bit larger than was expected. The police in this city with an ‘honorary’ Minuteman mayor were well-behaved for a change. This no doubt was due to the large media presence. Pushing around demonstrators gets dicey when there are helicopters filming you.

Costa Mesa is notorious for targetting Latinos for abuse. The primary demand was that the city stop allowing deputies to act as immigration officials. One speaker said those with papers are being stopped and harassed too, and sometimes even deported.

The city has been jacked by extreme right-wingers. The people are fighting back.

Hey Anglos, there weren’t many of us there. This is everyone’s fight. “First they came for the Latinos, and I did nothing because I was not Latino…”

Costa Mesa immigrant rights rally

Costa Mesa immigrants rights rally

Not sure who he is, he was highly respected by the organizers.

Costa Mesa immigrant rights rally

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