Immigration and White Racism

The Ghost of George Wallace

Sancredo, Sensenbrenner and the extreme, racist, right wing elements they represent were on the verge of a major legislative victory. They were so close they could taste it.

Until La Gran Marcha in Los Angeles.

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  1. Not denying white racism, as that’s all we see from the main stream media, but what about racism against whites? The silent truth that no one wants to admit. If you’re white, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re not white you think I’m a neo-con, another racist term that’s widely used for whites. Notice whites and jews have more racial slurs thrown at them on a daily basis than any other ethnicity, yet it’s ok to hurt whites. Will it ever REALLY be fair? Will there be a time in America where whites have the amount of “freedom of speech” that all the other races? There are words that whites aren’t “allowed” to utter, yet whites can be slandered with every racial slur in the book. Fair is fair. Everyone wants equallity, as long as whites are held to a standard that no one else has to worry about.

    I wonder how many of you will call me a racist for wanting things to be fair.

  2. This is satire, right?

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