‘Classic global warming’ over Antarctica

In the winter sky over Antarctica, scientists have detected a vast cap of steadily warming air, in the first sign that record levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere may be trapping heat above the ice sheets of the South Pole.

The temperature of the winter air over Antarctica has been rising at a rate three times faster than the world as a whole, the researchers reported Thursday in the journal Science.


  1. Do you suppose the fact that the sun has been burning hotter for the last 20 or so yeas could have something to do with global warming? In 1879 John Muir found the glaciers where Glacier Bay National Park is had receded 40 miles from those recorded in 1794. Do you suppose that just maybe something is causing this other than human beings? Do you suppose that the global warming mania is just a lot of anti-American, anti-capitalism baloney?

  2. Wow, you mean glaciers recede and grow. Golly, I guess that absolutely proves global warming is hype.

    Try actual evidence next time. Like actual scientists do. And try not to slime with innuendo that isn’t even in the article, as it didn’t even mention capitalism.

    But you sure seem defensive about capitalism though, interesting.

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