Ex-prosecutor in terror inquiry is indicted

Forget the ‘terrorists’, we need protection from the government!

A grand jury charged Wednesday that a former federal prosecutor in Detroit who led one of the Justice Department’s biggest terrorism investigations concealed critical evidence in an effort to bolster the government’s theory that a group of local Muslim men were plotting an attack.

“I can’t recall a case like this in recent memory where you have not only the collapse of the prosecution’s entire case, but now the prosecutor himself indicted,” said Brian Levin, a professor at California State University, San Bernardino, who has written on terrorism prosecutions.

Not only are the Bushies vicious and nasty, it’s clear they are incompetent as well. They’ve continually botched their ‘terror’ investigations as well as their wars. Think about it. What have they succeeded at?


  1. In answer to your last question, they have succeeded in getting Iraqi oil under American control, irespective of the mess in Iraq or the slaughter of the the Iraqi people.

  2. They got re-selected. Their few friends are richer, their billions of enemies are poorer.

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