Ratbag Radio, and more

Dave Riley blogs at Life of Riley, and podcasts at Ratbag Radio and Leftcast.

Ratbag features his podcasts, while Leftcast aggregates other podcasts, including some from here.

He lives in Australia, is a longtime socialist and activist, and writes for Green Left Weekly.

Dave emails

I have plans to create a LatinAmerican podcast to go in tandem with all the Venezuelan plus reporting we do here through the pages of GLW and the local Venezuelan Solidarity Network.

GLW has correspondants stationed in Craracas and has linked up with the new network being established by the Bolivarian government — such as that which brings out Venezuelan Analysis.

They have plans to create a sort of Latino CNN but without the cpaitalistic attributes and none, definitely, of the imperialistic ones!

He’s got lots of stuff happening, check out his sites.

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