Condi in Liverpool

From StopTheWar in the UK

War criminals not welcome here

“The most unwelcome visit to Liverpool since Oswald Mosley came here in the 1930s”, is how the mass circulation Liverpool Echo newspaper describes Condoleezza Rice’s visit to the city on Friday 31 March, organised for her by UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw.

Condeleezza Rice, George Bush’s Secretary of State, is one of the architects of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and directly implicated in the horrific levels of death and destruction inflicted on those countries.

Anti-war activists in Liverpool and in Blackburn are outraged by her visit and have organised demonstrations on 31 March and 1 April. Support for these demonstrations is being called from across the country.

Artists have already refused to perform for her at the Liverpool Philharmonic and the Blackburn mosque just cancelled Condi’s invite.

Looks like the demos will be miltant and large. Welcome to Liverpool, Ms. War Criminal.


Liverpool singer Jennifer John will sing John Lennon’s anti-war anthem, Imagine, at the concert in honour of Condoleezza Rice.

She said: “There was no way on earth that I was prepared to sing at this event purely for entertainment value. I felt it would have been immoral for me to not make a stand.

“After conversations with Simon Glinn from the Philharmonic we decidedthe only song I could and should sing was Imagine by John Lennon”

Meanwhile, the British government is spreading tales that protestors might pick up concrete slabs and throw them at Condi. You didn’t know we were that strong, did you?

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