Hey liberal bloggers

March 25 immigrant rights march. LA TimesStop ignoring your base! Over the past nine days there have been two major demonstrations yet the liberal blogosphere was mostly oblivious to them. They virtually ignored the March 18 antiwar demonstrations and never even saw the March 25 Immigrant Rights march coming.

Liberals. If you want to elect progressive Democrats, you will need help and votes from the traditional base of the Democratic Party. The antiwar and Immigrant Rights movements are most certainly part of that base. Reach out to them and they will reach out back. That’s how coalitions are formed and how movements grow – and how noxious governments get toppled.

A scan this morning of the liberal blogosphere shows spotty coverage of the march. The general tone of the posts was that of outsiders looking in, and of hoping this can be used to hurt Bush. I didn’t see a whole lot of sympathy or solidarity expressed for the immigrants themselves. If liberal blogs are serious about getting out the vote, they need to focus on and help mobilize the traditional base of the Democratic Party.