The march

It’s the lead story on Yahoo News now as well as elsewhere. CNN says 100,000. It was way more than that. We saw the march go by for 2 1/2 hours, and it was still going strong.

Update: The LA Times is reporting the police estimate is 500,000. However Spanish-language television is saying one million.

Here’s some photos. More later, we’ve had two major demos in eight days and I’m fried.

I just uploaded photos of the press conference and march to Flickr.

This placard refers to the notorious border crossing signs in San Diego.

.March 23 Immigrant Rights march, LA


  1. i cant believe any one can support these laws proposed by Frist. To even think about punishing organizations, such as churches, that help immigrants gain basic human needs is an atrocious slap in the face of basic human rights. It doesn’t matter if a person is here illegally, or not, people should not be penalized for helping them stay alive. Hopefully through more protests, Republicans will back away from Frist and realize that it would be a bad move for Republicans to take a blatant stand against basic human rights.

  2. Thx!

    After two major demos in eight days, I do hope Dubya doesn’t invade Iran this week forcing us to call an emergency demo. I need some rest.

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