Massive march today

The march in LA today will be historic.

Immigrant Rights press conferenceYesterday, thousands marched nationwide, plus there were work stoppages and school walkouts, all to protest the Sensenbrenner bill. Today is the monster L.A. march.

As of Friday night when I write this, buses from out-of-state had begun to arrive, and people are already camped out at Olympic and Broadway. Buses and subways will be free tomorrow in L.A. Street closures downtown start at 8 am. Spanish-language radio is covering it nonstop. The County Fed of Labor and SEIU are onboard. The Immigrant Rights movement is going supernova.

Several hundred thousand will march today. We of ANSWER LA will be at the office at 7 am to load 1700 placards into a truck and onsite by 8 am.

The bombshell.

At the press conference Friday afternoon organizers announced that if their demands to Stop The Sensenbrenner bill are not heeded there will be targeted boycotts, general strikes, and work stoppages in April. Latino leaders from across the country will meet in two weeks to plan their precise actions. This will be a nationwide coordinated effort.

Among the speakers at the press conference was Preston Wood from ANSWER LA. March organizers specifically thanked ANSWER for spreading their message in the antiwar community, and said the two causes were linked, something ANSWER absolutely agrees with. ANSWER was the only non-Latino Rights organization to speak at the press conference.

Stop the Sensenbrenner bill. Full Rights for Immigrants.

(Lots more when I get back.)