Why I’m marching Saturday

I just spoke with with Maria, a recently naturalized citizen from Central America. One of her sisters who is not yet a citizen just crossed the border. They walked for three days and nights nonstop without food or water. Maria was in tears describing what her sister looked like. Major weight loss. Vomiting blood. Sick and feverish.

If the racist Sensenbrenner bill passes, it would be a crime for me to give Maria money to help her sister. It would be a crime for Maria to help her sister. This is insane, vicious, and deliberately nasty. Among other things, it ‘s a sickening neocon ploy to get out the racist vote in November.

The employers of undocumented workers somehow never seem to get penalized, now do they? It’s these workers, among the most defenseless in society, who get scapegoated instead, exploited by the employers, and attacked by right wing racists.

Maria is marching Saturday. So am I.