No on HR 4437

Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal
– Martin Luther King Jr.

Full rights for immigrants

How bad is the anti-immigrant HR 4437? Real bad.

H.R. 4437 would expand on policies that have seriously eroded civil liberties. It would further militarize the border and give extraordinary powers to low-level immigration officials within 100 miles of the border to expel without a hearing anyone believed to be a recently arrived illegal immigrant. It expands mandatory detention to apply to all non-citizens arriving at a port of entry or â┚¬Å“alongâ┚¬Â the border.

H.R. 4437 also would erode even further the basic rights of immigrants to judicial review, even by the constitutionally-guaranteed writ of habeas corpus. H.R. 4437 would criminalize all violations of immigration law, with very serious consequences for genuine refugees and others who qualify for humanitarian relief. Finally, H.R. 4437 gives extraordinary powers to detain non-citizens indefinitely without meaningful review, potentially placing many non-citizens in a legal black hole that subjects them to a life sentence after having served a criminal sentence, or, in some cases, without ever having been convicted of a crime.

This Saturday in L.A. there will be a mass march and rally in oppostion to this racist, nasty bill. Assemble at Olympic and Broadway downtown at 10 am. March to City Hall.