Blog shakeout coming

Two early adopter tech uber-Geeks have recently said they’re tiring of blogging.

Dave Winer to quit blogging

Scoble sympathizes, too many blog-related emails, he says.

Dave Winer was instrumental in creating blogging and RSS. Scoble is “tech evangelist” for Microsoft. Winer, a controversial personality on a good day, says he wants his privacy back, while Scoble is overwhelmed by endless emails, pitches, and a zillion RSS feeds to keep up with. So while they’re quitting/cutting back for different reasons, it’s significant that they’re both doing so.

It’s the noise-to-information level that’s the problem, I think. There’s too many echo chamber blogs, too many pointless comments on posts – the good stuff gets lost in all of that. And then of course there’s the pinheads who like to attack everything or leave mindless comments everywhere. Like I care if you’re the first person to add a comment to a post. Especially when you have nothing to say.

What geeks on the cutting edge of blogging and technology do now will be reflected in the blogosphere soon enough. There’s a shakeout coming. The good blogs, the one with something to say and a genuine point of view will continue to thrive. The mini-Me blogs and those with little to say will fade away. The noise level will then be reduced, and the level of information will rise. This is a good thing.