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Antiwar protest. Ron KovicBuilding an independent people’s movement, that’s what the upcoming “Global Days of Action” are about. Don’t sit back hoping the Democrats will rouse themselves from their coma and end the wars. They’ve amply shown themselves to be cowardly, complicit, corrupt, and just as plugged into the war machine as the Republicans.

Our ‘leaders’ won’t end the wars. But the people can. Organized together, the people can and will do what the rulers will not. All the people, that is. I’ve heard political talks by recent immigrants speaking in broken English that were more intelligent, incisive, and meaningful than what passes for political discourse in D.C., most of which is polished banalities and evasion anyway. Give me an organizer like that any day over one of those skilled liar “media consultants.” The immigrant will get more accomplished too.

A people’s movement will incorporate the immigrants as well as all races, colors, classes, ethnicities, income levels, and religions. Because that’s who The People are! And hey, there’s way more of us than them too, think about it.

The photo shows Ron Kovic, author of “Born on 4th of July”, at a 2003 march in L.A. He will speak at the ANSWER LA rally on Saturday. An inspiring speaker, he’s been organizing since Vietnam put him in a wheelchair. I’ve heard him speak many times. He always emphasizes that the people will create a culture of peace, that we will prevail over the war machine. Yes, we can do it. That’s what an independent people’s movement can do.

Nether World in the UK has more on why we’re marching.

One comment

    March the 18th. will see demonstrations take place all over the world in an attempt by the ordinary people of the world to put a stop to the insanity that is our governments. Three years after the lies and corruption that heralded the slaughter in Iraq we are still there and the slaughter grows and the madmen still tell us it is for the good of the Iraqi people. What is even more frightening is that the the same insane saber rattling and lies are being repeated with the same hand on heart pseudo Christian sincerity, this time directed at Iran. Believe me there is no end to their corruption or their insanity, they are the power mongers of empire.
    The demonstrations are not enough on their own, it is not enough to put pressure on the various state apparatus around the world in the hope that peace will reign, it won’t. As long as we have the state system we will have wars for and to defend resources, wars for and to defend markets, their will always be the empire builders. The corporate greed machine is wedded to the state apparatus and will demand expansion. In this crazy system people are of little consequence.
    We have to use these mass demonstrations to move forward and organise community based alliances that will work in federation with each other in so doing undermine and dismantle the power of the state. We have to take control of our own communities and construct them on the basis of mutual aid and sustainability, working in federation with other communities across the country and the world. We have to be in control of the corporate greed machine and turn it into a process of seeing to the needs of people and not as it is, the plunderer of the planet for the benefit of the sweaty palmed shareholders.
    The state system has run its course and if not stopped will eventually destroy the planet. It is no more than a man made system, not tablets of stone as some would have us believe. It can be consigned to the dustbin of history and labeled, “Man’s darkest hour”. Commonsense and compassion tell us we can create a world of peace, a world based on free association, voluntary co-operation and mutual aid. A world that looks to the future sustainability of the planet and its future generations. A system the sees to the needs of its people and not the corrupting cancer of profit.
    If we want a tomorrow for all our children, a free and colourful world for free and colourful people, a peaceful world free from deprivation, then we the people have to take control or there will be no tomorrow.

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