March 18. 200 demonstrations

From, organizers of the London protest on March 18.

200 Demos across the world

The London demonstration is one of many taking place across the world. There will be protests in more than 200 cities and towns on every continent, including Baghdad and Basra. Three years after the start of the war, more than 100,000 deaths later, with trillions of dollars spent on the biggest armed robbery of a country since Hitler’s Blitzkrieg and more war ratcheted into view, we must once again show that world public opinion is the ‘second superpower.’

Tony Blair may have a President and his God on his side. We have the solidarity of each other and outrage and justice on ours.

“We cannot give back Iraqi lives extinguished or ruined by those acting in our name. At the very least, we must demand that those responsible for this epic crime get out of Iraq now and that we have an opportunity to prosecute and judge them, and to make amends to the Iraqi people. Anything less disqualifies “us” as civilised.

John Pilger”

Stop the War UK Here in the States there will be at least 40 demos.

Let’s stop the the next insane invasion of the neocons before it happens – Stop War on Iran

Blue Room wonders why the US is always Finding monsters to destroy, and why such countries generally like Venezuela, the focus of the post, have lots of oil.

Worried yet? Halliburton to build detention camps… for who?

When the ‘leaders’ have demonstrably gone insane, it is the right and duty of the people to stop them. Let’s all join the protests next Saturday.