Podcast. Gloria La Riva. Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia

Gloria La Riva is Coordinator, National Committee to Free the Cuban Five and active in the ANSWER Coalition. She just led a delegation to the World Social Forum in Venezuela where ANSWER. held a workshop on the U.S. anti-war movement. She also frequently travels to Cuba. She speaks about the increasing ties between Venezuela and Cuba, the US attempts to oust Chavez and Castro, and the gains in Cuba now that the “special period” is over.

Unemployment in Cuba, even according to the CIA, is 1.9%, they recently sent 1,400 doctors to the quake ravaged areas of Pakistan, impressive accomplishments by any reckoning.

Recorded at a PSL Forum in LA 03/10/06

mp3 (29:08, 10.0 MB)


  1. Actually it’s 1400 doctors, not 14,000, but still obviously very impressive. There are (or were at one point) 2260 total medical personnel.

    An update on their achievements is here.

  2. Typo fixed. Thx!

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