Dubai Ports World. Follow the money.

Bush stepped into a firestorm on this. Even his own party has deserted him. This has never happened before. He’s losing his mojo.

According to Reuters, the U.S. House of Representatives “will forge ahead with a vote on blocking an Arab-owned company from managing U.S. ports, to ensure the firm sheds its U.S. holdings as promised.â┚¬Â

The Republican-run House’s “refusal to back away from the showdown vote was another blow to President George W. Bush, who suffered a stinging defeat on Thursday when Dubai Ports World said it intended to back out of the deal his administration had approved.â┚¬Â

Why does he care so much about this? It’s not like he’s been a big champion of Arab interests previously. Maybe it’s personal. Or financial.

Dubai Ports World … is partly owned and operated by United Arab Emirates

Hmmm, well then, who owns the other parts? Could it be a company associated with the Bush family like The Carlyle Group? Anyone know how to find out who the owners are? I’m guessing knowing precisely who they are would be illuminating indeed.

Many have been are digging.

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Google “carlyle group dubai ports,” there’s lots more. While no one has found a smoking gun, yet, there sure is lots of smoke. Let’s keep digging.