TextPayMe. PayPal for cellphones

What is TextPayMe?

Use TextPayMe to send and receive money with your phone via text messaging…

Get $5 for signing up. For every 36 people you refer, you get a free xBox 360.

It’s easy to use. Send a text message to TextPayMe with amount and the receiving person’s cell phone number. They get the message (and money credited to their account), you get a text message with details of the transaction and an automated phone call where you enter your PIN to confirm.

If you sign up by clicking the following link, then I get credit. And you get $5!

SignUp at TextPayMe


  1. I think they’re priming the pump, getting a critical mass of users, then the freebies stop.

    Chris Pirillo at LockerGnome has gotten 5 xBoxes so far and plans to give them away at the upcoming blog/podcasting convention, Gnomedex, which I’m going to.

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