241 mile march for peace

The SwiftSmartVeterans will be marching for peace from Tijuana to San Francisco this month.

On March 12, 2006 Fernando Suarez del Solar, Pablo Paredes, Camilo Mejia and Aidan Delgado will lead a coalition of the willing across a 241 mile quest for peace that aims at raising Latino voice of opposition to the War in Iraq. The March will run from Tijuana, Mexico all the way to The Mission district of San Francisco making strategic, symbolic and ceremonial stops along the way. The 241 mile march is inspired by Gandhi’s 1930 Salt March protesting British imperialism and will serve as a loud cry for an end to the bloodshed in Iraq.

Suarez lost his son Jesus in Iraq, and has become a leading antiwar activist. Paredes refused to board ship fot the Middle East and was kicked out of the Navy. Both are scheduled to speak at the ANSWER LA antiwar demonstration on March 18 in Hollywood. Suarez has spoken at several other ANSWER antiwar rallies, including Sept 2003.

The photos is of Gold Star mother Vicky Castro with a photo of her son, soldier number 1306 killed in Iraq, taken at Sept. 24 2005 ANSWER LA march and rally.

Gold Star mother VickyCastro

Here’s some good reasons to march.

The US ambassador to Baghdad conceded yesterday that the Iraq invasion had opened a Pandora’s box of sectarian conflicts which could lead to a regional war and the rise of religious extremists who “would make Taliban Afghanistan look like child’s play”.

Let’s see, the US created this mess by an invasion based on lies. Now that it’s all falling apart, oh heck, let’s blame “extremists.”

And get this, Cheney wants to start another war. He’s just stark raving mad, isn’t he? Since there’s still no meaningful dissent from Congress, Republican or Democrat, that means we the people need to make them act or replace them.